10 Best Mustache Scissors for a smart cut 2024

Best mustache scissors

If you want to sport the stylish mustache look, you'll need the best beard and mustache scissors to keep them well-groomed.

We all love a Richard-from-F.R.I.E.N.D.S look! 

But how did he keep his mustache so trim right? 

It takes a dedicated man to trim and keep the mustache neat and looking dapper in every way. 

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Your mustache is bound to become thick and bushy. And even though you are going to be fascinated by it in the beginning, it is going to be a source of annoyance eventually. 

There are tools to help you with this. A mustache scissors help big in allowing you to flaunt your mush without having the tips in your mouth. So here are the beard and mustache scissors.

Difference Between Hair Scissors and Mustache Scissors

If you're wondering why you can't just use regular scissors to cut your mustache, it's because paper or craft scissors are not sharp and precise enough to cut hair.

But what about hair cutting scissors, surely you can use that?

Well, yes you can technically. There isn't much of a difference between hair scissors or mustache scissors except for size.

The shears in mustache scissors are usually shorter and thinner, which makes it easier to get all the short mustache hair strands with precision.

Usually, mustache scissors are between 4-5 inches in length, and regular hair scissors are between 5.5-6.6 inches in length.

Also, mustache scissors sometimes have rounded tips for added safety as they cut so close to your face.

In this article, I've reviewed some of the best tools to trim your mustache and keep it clean and trim at all times. I hope you've beard and mustache scissors that suit your needs well.

Best Mustache Scissors

Best mustache scissors Best For Additional Accessories
BrvMen Scissors to trim mustache 
Thick, Coarse Facial Hair None
Beardclass trimming mustache scissors 
Thin Hair Smaller Scissors, One Comb, PU Leather Case
Suvorna scissors to trim mustache 
Intricate Mustache Styles Two Smaller Scissors, Eyebrow Tweezers, Case
Sanguine professional scissors 
Long Facial Hair Cloth Pouch
Merbeian scissors 
Thick Mustache Hair One Comb, PU Leather Case
CM Naturals scissors to trim mustache 
Tapered Styles PU Leather Case

BrvMen Scissors to trim mustache 

BRV Men is known to have provided the world with some of the top-notch accessories and tools dedicated to men who care about keeping their mustache trim and neat at all times. 

The body and spine of the scissors are made up of surgical steel which means it will not be rusting for a long time and is hygienic to keep on your face as well. 

The length of the scissors is 5.5 cm long which means it has a good grip and allows you to maneuver it without much difficulty. 

It comes with removable blades which makes it super easy to clean and store. 

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Beardclass trimming mustache scissors 

The scissors are work really well for those are particular about durability. It comes with a stylish puch where you can keep your scissors in. 

The material this pair of scissors is made up of is stainless and rust free which works amazingly well if you travel often and want something to trim your mustache. 

While this focuses on the scissors it does not ignore the rest of your needs! It comes with a tiny comb which can help you keep your mustache neat and clean. 

It is 6.8 inches which makes it medium length. 

Suvorna scissors to trim mustache 

Suvorna has you completely enticed with this set of mustache trimming and shape. 

Besides giving you a great quality pair of scissors, it also gives you a tweezers which allows you to pluck out the tiny strands of hair that are disobedient to the scissors. 

The quality of this set is that it made up of stainless steel which means it does not rust. 

The razor of this pair of scissors is that it is super sharp and gives you the freedom to go crazy to shape your mustache. 

The size of this pair of scissors is 5.5 inch which keeps your hands gripped on your palm when you are styling your mustache. 

If you have bushy beard then don’t worry this kit has you covered with some of the best beard trimming and shaping tools out there. 

What we love best about this product is the efficient case it comes with which has compartments for each of the tools so that it can be taken out and kept back easily. 

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Sanguine professional scissors 

This is a combo of scissors and comb which works for those men who don’t have a very long beard and still have the need to groom it every now and then. 

The highlight of this scissor to trim the beard is that it has an impeccable grip which allows you to work those shapes and trim your edges without hurting yourself. 

The scissors are 5 inches long which means it fits right into your palm and the large finger holes make it all the easier to maneuver around your edges. 

The comb is also made up of very good quality. It looks strong and sturdy which compliments the size of the scissors and allows you to work effectively with the tools. 

Ontaki mustache scissors

Ontaki provides you with more than scissors and gives you tools to trim your body hair and beard even. 

Even with the look of the scissors it looks so grippy and amazing. The edges of these scissors are made with great precision and work really well with your mustache length without hurting your upper lip or cheeks in any way. 

The length of these scissors are 5 inches long which means it has a good grip in your palm and that can help you maneuver around your upper lip. 

The material of this scissors is Japanese steel which means there is no rust and extra durability is assured with this set. 

Like the previous product, this comes with a sleek case which means you can store everything comfortably. 

Aberlite mustache scissors 

Not only does this brand give you scissors to trim your mustache it also tends to heed to your beard by providing one which can take care of both!

It comes with a comb for both your beard and mustache which compliments the function of each. 

The scissors are extremely small with a length of 3.7 inches. It could be slightly harder to , maneuver for those with bigger palms. But on the other hand, it works well for those who want to do precise trimming around the edges. 

But on the brighter side you can carry it around easily during your travel without it taking up much space. 

Merbeian scissors 

Merbeian is well known for providing men with the right kind of aspects to make sure you are stylish and trim at all times without taking out too much from your pockets. 

One thing we can assure you with this mustache scissors is that it will last long as the stainless steel is bound to keep your tools rust free and durable at all times. 

The case this comes in is made up of leather and stores your tools without suffocating it or making it hard for you to place them inside. 

Merbeian offers a guarantee wherein you can give back the product if you are not satisfied with the working of it. All the more reason to buy it. 

Zeus scissors 

Zeus scissors to trim mustache is one of the greatest quality builds which has an awesome and sturdy quality of giving your palm a good grip. 

The pouch it comes with is a super quality durabile leather pouch which works amazingly well with tools. 

The micro blades that it consists of is super comfy to trim the edges and the sides of your mustache which needs special care and trimming. 

The only downside according to us is the size. It can come off as too small for those who have big palms. This is your perfect travel companion as it can fit into your travel bag without acquiring too much space. 

CM Naturals scissors to trim mustache 

CM Naturals scissors have a great grip which works amazingly well for those people who are left-handed as well as right-handed. 

The precision of the blades is such that it can tackle the edges and corners of your face without exerting too much. 

This pair of scissors is only 4.5 inches long and has a great grip on left-handed as well as right-handed people like we mentioned before. 

This is a combination of tweezers and scissors which makes it super comfy to remove small strands of hair without hurting your sensitive hair. 

Another major pro of this product is that it is lightweight and can be used without taking too much effort by the user. 

Coco’s closet scissors 

This fine pair comes as a savior for those who have a hard time styling their mustache and not knowing how to come around in the edges. 

The quality of these scissors is very firm and has an elegant way of maneuvering the mustache. Although it is primarily made for the mustache it can be used for the beard as well. 

If you ask us, that is a win-win because it works effectively with both. 

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