12 Alibaba Hair Vendors we think is OK to deal with this 2024 Which hair company is the best in China?

hair vendors on alibaba

Finding hair vendors online can be a daunting task especially since it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate the genuine ones from fraudsters.

Alibaba is one platform where you can depend on good quality hair products and dependable vendors to strike a great deal.

With a total of over 3873 hair vendors, you can choose from the array of collection of hair vendors that they have to offer.

Buying hair has certain aspects that follow and we assure you that these best Alibaba hair vendors will deliver just those. 

Oh if you are ordering in small quantity, check our Aliexpress Hair Vendor Review.

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How I rated the top Alibaba hair vendors?

If you want to know how I checked if these Alibaba hair vendors were authentic and what factors I rated them on the basis of.

  • Ratings - Well, firstly I checked for the users ratings of the particular hair vendors on Alibaba
  • Pictures and Reviews - Authentic sellers often upload images of their factories, warehouses and physical stores. So I use these images as points of reference. Also the buyers of these stores also upload images that are helpful in determining the quality of hair.
  • Price and Quality - I check what type of hair the store is known for selling. Do they have authentic Remy hair? Is the quality good (as determined by pictures and reviews), and is it at an affordable price?

Alibaba Hair Vendors 2022

Best Alibaba hair vendors Buyers Ratings Link
Qingdao Haiyi 9.5/10 Link
Guangzhou Jin Suo Xuan  9.2/10 Link 
Ideal hair arts 8.9/10 Link
Kabeilu  9.8/10 Link
Jinpai  9.2/10 Link
Xuchang Jinye 8.8/10 Link
Henan hair vendors 9.2/10 Link
Guangzhou Feilai  9.3/10 Link 
LeShine  8.5/10 Link 
Shandong  9/10 Link 

#1 -  Qingdao Haiyi Alibaba Hair Vendors

alibaba hair vendors
stores on alibaba

Qingdao is one of the renowned hair vendors that are on Alibaba as its been around for almost 20 years now with a great reputation among its buyers with its variety of hair available.

They have pre-bonded hair, full hair wigs, and a wide range of wholesale items. With Peruvian hair, Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, and Indonesian hair they are well known for their top-notch selection.

If you are looking for a place where you can get all the hair wigs under the sky, then this is the place!

You can take your time in choosing the best for you with a myriad of options. They have a whopping 97.7% positive reviews from its customers. 

Alibaba customer reviews 

alibaba hair wigs

“It looks exactly like it was described. Fast delivery. I will come back for more”

#2 - Guangzhou Jin Suo Xuan Alibaba hair vendors 

top products on alibaba
best alibaba hair vendors

 Also known as BBOSS, these hair vendors sell 100% virgin hair. You will not have to have the doubt of bad quality while shopping from here as this site gives the best quality hair extensions and hair wigs on Alibaba.

Hair bought from here can be dyed, straightened and curled based on your requirements.

They have built a a great reportage with its clients with their exceptional services over the years.

They have been on Alibaba for over 11 years and have gained 92. 4% positive reviews. 

Alibaba customer reviews 

alibaba wig vendors

“I love the quality of the hair that I received. This is by far my favorite place on Alibaba for hair”

#3 - Ideal hair arts Alibaba hair vendors 

stores on alibaba

Idea hair vendors have been in the market for about 13 years and they specialize in making lace wigs with human hair.

One thing you can be sure of while shopping at Ideal hair arts on Alibaba is their impeccable quality and more than that, their superb collection of hair. It is extremely important to have a wide range of choices when you are purchasing hair and this hair vendor ticks that off.

Another major reason for why they are doing so well in the market is because of their price ranges. They have amazing discounts on the hair that they sell.  

Alibaba customer reviews 

alibaba customer reviews

“No shedding. Love the texture and pricing of the hair wig”

#4- Kabeilu hair vendors on Alibaba 

top products on alibaba

 Kabeilu has a good experience of over 10 years in the hairdressing industry and therefore are well versed in the categorising of different hair products

They mainly focus on Peruvian, Malayasian and Indian hair. Customers gush over the texture of their hair claiming that the hair is super soft and gentle.

This is a very important pointer as most hair types come off as hard or rough against the skin which then impacts you.

They have a very quick delivery system which is another relief. 

Alibaba customer reviews 

“No shedding and very soft hair texture”

alibaba hair vendor reviews

#5 - Jinpai hair vendors on Alibaba 

vendors on alibaba

Jinpai hair has been striving for many years to gain the reputation of a genuine hair brand on alibaba by only producing the best.

They focus on 100% human hair. Their lace and frontal wigs are a must- see with the kind of variety they provide. Not to mention their huge variety of human wigs for occasions.

They have a humongous response rate of 97% which on itself is a sign that you should trust the vendor. 

Alibaba customer reviews 

“Would recommend this hair vendor on Alibaba a 100 per cent”

#6 - Xuchang Jinye hair vendors on Alibaba 

customer reviews for alibaba hair

Jinye hair vendors focus on selling virgin hair bundles and have been surviving on Alibaba for 11 good years.

Their hair is such that it can be dyed and applied heat to and you still won’t see wear or tear.

They have very thick and shiny strands of hair which will be used for everyday use and also for occasional use.

You can always browse on their variety which has an interesting pick of hair wigs in the store. The store strictly does not entertain chemicals or processing so its customers need not worry about safety. 

Alibaba customer reviews 

I love the hair and more than I love the customer service here. Very quick delivery”

#7 - Xuchang Wowqueen hair vendors on Alibaba 

alibaba online hair vendors

Wow queen hair is another interesting hair vendor on Alibaba with a myriad of collection and a genuine reputation among customers.

Although it has been around only for 4 years, the attraction it has gained within the site is unbelievable. It has a response rate of 97% which is pretty impressive for a fairly new store on such a huge platform.

What makes this store stand apart from the others is the samples of their hair bundles that they provide. They have human, virgin and remy hair which promises quality. They have a very fast delivery system as well. 

Alibaba customer reviews 

best hair vendors on alibaba

"Always a pleasure purchasing from the store from their exciting collection"


#8 - Henan hair vendors on Alibaba 

alibaba hair vendors
vendors on alibaba

Henan hair vendors have been around for 25 years with a great reputation of its own for its wholesale production.

They provide drop shipping and also have fast shipping.

They have a professional team with access to the best hair products. DHL, FedEx are some of the viable options for delivery. Another profitable aspect of shopping from here is that if you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can return it within 7 days. 

Alibaba customer reviews

“Quality is everything you would expect for a good hair wig”

#9 - Guangzhou Feilai Hair vendors on Alibaba 

alibaba hair

They have a huge variety of human hair wigs that are very famous on Alibaba. They specialize in Peruvian, Indian, and Brazilian hair.

There is a great deal of main products hair wigs, tape in and hair extensions. It has been established in the year 2016. Check out the latest collection that is out there. 

Alibaba customer reviews 

“I love the hair already and can’t wait to put it on”

#10 - LeShine Alibaba hair vendors 

best hair wigs on alibaba
wigs on alibaba

LeShine is known for its amazing pricing and the top quality that it has. Check out their latest hair products and see which ones you find the most interesting.

These hair wigs can be coloured and dyed and retained as soon as it's done. There is no space for queries or doubts when you're shopping from here as there is 24 hour customer service with the executives at the constant beck and call. 

Alibaba hair vendors customer reviews

“Very good quality”

#11 - Yuzhou Alibaba hair vendors 

top selling hair wigs on alibaba
alibaba hair extensions

With a huge variety of hair, these vendors are extremely involved in their services to their clientele. While browsing through their store you will find straight, kinky curls, lace frontal wigs.

They provide 100% virgin hair with categories like Indian, Peruvian and Brazilian hair all in top notch quality.

Customers have vouched that the hair wigs from this store does not shed or lose colour and is highly durable. If you are looking for something special, they have services that customise hair. 

Customer Reviews:

I absoultely love their customer service. I liked how the hair was VERY soft and matched the promised length. I just had one issue and that was the smell. If you keep that aside the hair is FANTASTIC!

- Susannah, USA

I thought the hair extensions did a great color job on my darker roots! However,I was a little disappointed due to the color of the lace. Nevertheless, the store offered a replacement quickly and promised to do better next time. I definetly will order again to find out!

- Jane, AUS

Alibaba customer reviews 

“I love the kinky curl wigs. They suit me so well”

#12 - Shandong hair vendors on Alibaba 

hair vendors on alibaba
what are the best hair vendors on alibaba

With a response rate of 98.9%, Shandong store on Alibaba has become one of our favourite stores on Alibaba. They have the widest range of human virgin hair that you will seldom find online.

Check out their latest offers on certain hair type wigs that are so profitable. They also refund if your order which has been delivered is not upto the mark so you don’t have to think twice before placing your order here.

The colours of hair they provide is also pretty wide and huge when compared to the other sites on Alibaba. 

Alibaba customer reviews 

I love this hair wig. It looks beautiful on me. The delivery time was also perfect”

Why is Alibaba Hair so cheap?

Like Aliexpress, Alibaba is also a portal which focuses on selling products in bulk rather than focusing on each individual product. Hence the shopping on Alibaba is considered the number one option for those who are particular about sticking to a budget.

How do I find a hair vendor on Alibaba?

Before you buy your hair wigs and extensions on Alibaba, here are few pointers to keep in mind so you can select the best vendors:

  • Look for Gold and Assessed Suppliers: Alibaba has something called the "Gold" membership for suppliers. These vendors pay a few to Alibaba to make sure their store pops up first. Scammers wouldn't really pay a sum to Alibaba. So these gold members are legit. Assessed suppliers are those whose factories have been inspected on-site. So there's more trust there too.
  • Verify the company on Google: You can Google the company name and find out more info online. Usually, the business license, location, contact information, etc. are all listed online and are easy to find. This shows that the vendor is not a fraud.
  • Request samples: Some Alibaba vendors send out samples, so you can have a look at hair quality before making a decision.
  • Look for customer reviews: Probably the most important part of vetting Alibaba hair vendors is to look at how customer testimonials and reviews. You can ask for more customer testimonials from the vendors if you're not satisfied.

So there goes out top Alibaba hair vendors that are highly dependable and where you get the best quality of hair.

Choosing hair can be daunting and we hope we have made it easier for you, with our curation. 

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